Are you in pain about all the injustice and destruction?

Do you dream of a better future for humanity and all of life?

Would you like to co-create a new path forward?

Then let’s weave the white wynd together!


Who I am

I am Jose Lorenzo, a Cuban Systems Engineer living in the Canary Islands

I teach Permaculture, ancestral skills and ReWilding since 2011, collaborate with many organizations, projects and communities working towards a just and sustainable world, and co-created the 8thLife EcoVillage Project and the Integral Permaculture Academy

I am also a food artist, shamanic practitioner and interdisciplinary researcher, deeply passionate about bridging the gap between humans and the rest of nature, and between past and future generations

Skills I teach

Structure Building

Ecosystem Restoration

Facilitation & Mediation

Ancestral Foods

Survival Skills

Health Sovereignty

Emotional Processing

Life & Project Design

Shamanic Journeying

Weaving the White Wynd

Like a prism separates white light into many colors, our minds have served the interests of oppressive cultures to break us apart into many clashing colors (races, politics, generations, belief systems…)

But a prism can also join those colors again, so Weaving the White Wynd means using our minds to brings us all together again – working with the best of science to embrace complexity instead of reducing it, applying true spirituality to enlist chaos as an ally, learning from nature to find the beauty in diversity, and doing whatever else is needed in order to co-create the winding path to a future that includes all

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Upcoming events

Integral PDC
Autumn 2020, Tenerife, Canary Islands
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ReWilding Ourselves
Spring 2021, Ecosystem Restoration Camp Altiplano
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Where I'll teach in 2021


Canary Islands


Murcia, Spain


South Savo, Finland


Where You Are