Who I am

I am Jose Lorenzo, a Permaculture and traditional skills teacher in the Canary Islands

  • I am Cuban, a Systems Engineer, and since 2011 have been designing and co-creating sustainable systems, and teaching others how to do so successfully
  • My specialties are food & health sovereignty, subtropical food forests, rural intentional communities and holistic grazing
  • I have spent most of my life in rural communities, and for more than a decade I have dedicated myself, full-time, to co-creating a just and sustainable world
  • Along the way I have worked with many organizations, projects and communities, and gathered a wide range of skills and experiences that I am glad to share and support others with

Skills I teach

Sustainable Building

Ecosystem Restoration

Facilitation & Mediation

Ancestral Foods

Survival Skills

Health Sovereignty

Emotional Processing

Life & Project Design

Nature-Based Spirituality

Weaving the White Wynd

Like a prism separates white light into many colors, our minds have served the interests of oppressive cultures to break us apart into many clashing colors (races, politics, generations, belief systems…)

But a prism can also join those colors again, so Weaving the White Wynd means using our minds to brings us all together again – working with the best of science to embrace complexity instead of reducing it, applying true spirituality to enlist chaos as an ally, learning from nature to find the beauty in diversity, and doing whatever else is needed in order to co-create the winding path to a future that includes all



What I experienced during the course really changed my way of relating to myself as a human, as being part of nature and not separated from it.
It taught me to try to listen to and understand nature, to see the patterns between how things work in an ecosystem and how we humans work can well together, or not.



The course gave me a perfect overview and insight into ethics, principles, design, people, and earthcare, even Trickster came into play.
I especially liked the practical work with my course participants on the farm. The theory was put directly into practice, it couldn't be better. I found my passion, thank you Jose.



Jose is a jewel of creativity, intelligence, passion for justice and integral design + many other talents, and worked on most of the innovations in permaculture education created by the Integral Permaculture Academy, whilst also managing very skillfully & patiently most of the administration & IT support for the team.



I value very highly the Integral Permaculture course. The contents have been diverse, comprehensive and very new for me.
This allowed me to go above and beyond understanding Permaculture simply as agricultural methods.
With regards to Jose, I perceive him as a very skillful and more than over-qualified person to teach about this.



I really like how Jose adapted things to all the levels and profiles of the people attending the course.
I also appreciate how the contents were also provided through audiovisual means, so I could catch up with what I missed of the live classes.

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