Do you want to feel, deeply in your body, that you belong in nature?

Do you want to live closer to the ways of your ancestors?

Do you want to enjoy living in community?

Then come and rewild yourself!

What this course is about

Rewilding is a nature-centered approach in conservation ecology – it’s focused on removing the blockages that keep nature from taking care of itself and creating the conditions that support the natural regeneration of damaged ecosystems so they can be wild, diverse habitats again.

But this course isn’t about restoring the ecosystems out there in the world – I teach precisely that in other courses, but after seeing the progress of many permaculture projects and intentional communities (and co-creating some myself), I’ve learned that, as people who have learned to survive in this contemporary civilized culture, we need to rewild our own inner ecosystems.

And yet, this critical element for the success of any sustainability or community project isn’t taught in Permaculture or Ecovillage Design courses – at most, it is mentioned in passing – so I’m really excited to begin offering this new old set of teachings, because we already have too many failed projects and collapsed communities, which aren’t just painful to see, but a big collective waste of time and energy for all of us who are trying to co-create a better world.

Only by rewilding ourselves can we live close to nature and other people in a healthy way – if we don’t, we will inevitably repeat the damaging ways that we have learned from this culture, no matter how hard we try or how much good information we have. The point isn’t what we know, but who we are.

And yet, the solution to this problem isn’t simply doing a lot of personal work. As we can see, that is something that most change-makers and communities already do, and, as we can also see, it’s not enough for them to actually succeed. So, what then, is the solution to the problem? If it’s not enough to learn the science of sustainability or to do personal work, how can we actually reach this elusive goal of being the people who can co-create a just and sustainable culture?

Well, we need to begin by experiencing our own nature in our bodies – and we can only do that by learning from Nature itself how to be healthy participants in our ecosystems. That is why learning to “read”the environment we are in (whether it’s fully healthy, badly degraded, or anything in between) and finding in it the niche where we can thrive together with all creatures around us is a huge part of this course.

Thankfully, those are surprisingly easy and enjoyable things to do if we don’t try to re-invent the wheel, but instead stand on a solid foundation built on the wisdom of wild, healthy humans – that is, the indigenous peoples living in the world right now, and, especially, our own ancient ancestors who lived in right relationship with their landbase (otherwise we’ll just be “playing indian” and appropriating the resources of indigenous cultures).

I believe that this natural human wisdom is what we most need in order to co-create a better world that the future generations will be proud to inherit, so I’m really excited to begin offering this new set of old teachings.

One of the reasons for that is that, if we want to restore what has been damaged, we must learn how to survive and thrive within our ecosystem,
whatever state it is in
. When crisis hit (and, believe me, they will keep coming), we don’t have the time and resources to begin regenerative projects, or to wait for the ones that have been started to bear fruit. The cycles of nature take their time, but we have to work with what we have when shit hits the fan.

In any case, for now, you can see here some of the awesome things that we will be doing together.

Our learning environment

We will have this adventure together in the perfect environment – an Ecosystem Restoration Camp.

ERC Altiplano was established in 2017 in order to restore a badly degraded agricultural landscape through permaculture design, reforestation, regenerative agriculture, holistic grazing and many more tools so it can serve as a model for reversing climate change and creating sustainable livelihoods nestled within a healthy ecosystem.

As a project dedicated to sustainability education, its infrastructure has a beautiful balance between simplicity and functionality that is a great fit for this experience. In addition to that, the increases in abundance and diversity that have been accomplished there will give us a varied palette of conditions to practice our rewilding skills in, from desert to forest, as we do our field practice in the camp and the lands around it.

You can see more information about it here and follow their news on Facebook.

We’re very lucky that we’ll get the place all to ourselves, so you will sleep in…, we’ll be doing the theory classes in… and cooking all of our meals together in… (besides an abundance of wild foods, we will also be cooking with organic ingredients from a local cooperative) and of course, we will have access to a vast landscape with many edible and medicinal plants, fruit and nut trees, and plenty of wilderness, to do our practical work.

What you need to do

We will be together from the 7th till the 18th of September, 2020, but enrollments close on August 14th at the latest, or when all places are taken (accommodation on site is limited).

To arrive at the ecosystem restoration camp, you just have to be in
Murcia by 1pm on September 7th and we’ll take care of the rest. A scenic
train ride will take you to Murcia from almost anywhere in Europe in a
day or two, but if you prefer a faster option, you can fly to the
Alicante Airport (ALC) and then take an ALSA bus to Murcia. And, at the end, we’ll get you back in Murcia by 2pm on September 18th.

Although I have been teaching all of these things for years, I’ve never brought them together before as one integrated experience that revolves around learning together as a community, so I’ve chosen to offer this first edition of ReWilding Ourselves at a very low price:

ReWilding Ourselves

September 7 to 18, 2020
725 Early Bird Discount
  • Theory classes and field practice
  • Delicious & healthy organic food
  • Accommodation in wooden cabins
  • 50€ discount for campers (BYOT)
  • Early bird discount until July 31st
Early bird

Many people have expressed interest in this course, so if you’re clear that this is for you but can’t pay the full price right now, just send a 100€ deposit ASAP and we’ll save your place.

Note that the Early Bird offer lasts only until July 31st, so if you’re tight on funds, make sure to pay in full before it ends so you can get the discount.

And, for and extra affordable and adventurous experience, you can bring your own tent and stay there instead of the wooden cabins to get a 50€ discount.

In any case, if you feel called to do this, remember that future editions of Rewilding Ourselves will be offered at a much higher price, so don’t sit on the fence and jump in now, because you don’t want to miss this unique opportunity!

Join us on this adventure!

This form will disappear when all places are taken, so if it’s still up here, it’s not too late to join us – just send your deposit and contact info ASAP

And, of course, if you have any questions you’re welcome to email me at and I’ll be happy to sort things out for you.

Also, given the space limit, I don’t want people to enroll if they can’t make the most of this experience, so if you’re not clear if this is for you, book a video call with me and we’ll explore it together.